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Poplar Grove's Roots
From a backyard in 2000, Poplar Grove leased a 1 1/2-acre site at Lonsdale in the south of Adelaide. What was a hobby grew to fill the nursery to capacity and by 2004 and we realised that a new site was necessary.

After twelve months of searching, a nine-acre property at Sellicks Beach, 45 minutes south of Adelaide, was purchased and began to be developed in January 2007. Stage One, saw 450m of shedding, 1500m of shade and tunnels and 12000m of growing area, which was completed five months later and is still a "work in progress".

The hard work of Jason, Lisa, Heath, Steve, Angus, Ben, Sue, Mike, Zoe and 'The Pom' paid off when Poplar Grove began dispatch at the new site in July 2007.

By 2019 the nursery has grown to 8 acres has around 6 mega litres of water storage and recycles to Nursery industry best practice. Solar panels offset between 75% of our power use. Constant improvement and expansion continues as we aim for becoming completely self-sufficient for all our power and water needs. Also we continue to expand growing areas, shedding and have invested heavily in mechanization during 2014 as we continue to strive to produce plants that are the envy of other suppliers.

Poplar Grove is now the home five days a week of Jason, Lisa, Ben, Daniel, Hayley, Adam , Gini, Trevor, Tom, Sue, Dave, Rod, Luke, Jack, Deacan, Shaun and Finn who work hard to produce you the best available green life in South Australia. We produce around 500,000 150mm plants particularly for the retail plant market. You can find our product in Bunnings, Stratco, Mitre 10 and leading independent garden centres both in Adelaide and throughout regional South Australia. Look for our distinctive deep royal blue pots wherever plants are sold.

The mild climate of the seaside town of Sellicks Beach has proved to be ideal for growing hardy and low maintenance flowering small shrubs and colour lines. With an emphasis on quality, colour, and excellent shelf life we aim to serve our customers with the best product available in South Australia.

Poplar Grove is NGIA accredited and we have been lucky enough to win such awards such as NGISA best medium production Nursery 2011, Best product quality 2013, Best product 2014, best service 2014, Best Innovation 2014 and Best Overall Production Nursery 2014. In the 2015 NGISA awards we scooped to pools again taking out all five production awards on offer. The trend has continued, and we have been named for the best production nursery. With the best products and service in South Australia, six years in a row including 2019.


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