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Argyranthemum Federation Daisy  

Some varieties in this range include, but are not limited to Super Duper, Super Chameleon, Sunny Days, Surf City, Sublime Pink, Sunday Best, Super Berry, Super Circus, Fairy Floss, Pastel Pink, Pom Pom, Sunrise Pink and Pastel Pink. Varieties may vary each season, it’s always best to check first.
HABIT: Compact rounded bush, with long lasting flowers. Will grow approximately 80cm high by 60cm wide.
POSITION: Plant in pots, garden beds, along boarders and rockeries or wherever you want a tough showy plant. Full sun will give you the best flowering however part shade is fine too. Well drained soil Full sun is best will be tolerate light shade.
FLOWERING: Federation dasies come in a large range of colours from white, yellow, pink, red and many 2 tones as well. The flower styles vary too with singles, anemone form and doubles too. They flower best from autumn until summer but will continue to flower longer if provided with the right care. This range is well know for their high flower counts and repeat flowering.
USES: They are wonderful in garden beds and make great pot plants as they have a lovely tight mounding habit so will not flop over the edge of the pot too much. They look stunning as a flowering boarder plant too as they can be trimmed to shape and even hedged if required. The large flowers invite many beneficial insects to your garden so are wonderful close to a veggie patch.
CARE: In autumn you can prune plants back to maintain compact growth and new flowers, however never prune into dead wood as they will struggle to re shoot nicely. For best results plant in an area with full sun and frost protection for maximum flowering and best growth. Fertilise each season to encourage more flowers. They are best in well-drained soil and while they can handle dry periods, they flower better with consistent watering and regular removal of dead flowers.
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Pom Pom
Pom Pom
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Super Berry
Super Berr
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Pastel Pink
Pastel Pink
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Sublime Pink
Sublime Pink
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Sunny Days
Sunny Days
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Red Barron
Red Baron
rgyranthemum Federation Daisy Super Duper
Super Duper

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