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Bacopa Elite Series

Elite Pink, Elite White and Elite Violet.
HABIT: Bacopas are ground cover with a good thick coverage which stay compact for longer than other varieties. They will Grow approximately 15cm high by 90cm wide and the flowers will be spread over all of the plant.
POSITION: Full shade to part sun. Full Winter sun is ok, but protection from Summer sun is a must. Protect from frosts.
FLOWERING: Bacopa Elite series will flower all year but the best flowering period is during the cooler weather, the Elite Bacopa series has proven to be a stand out due to their ability to hold their flowers during wet weather. The flowers look delicate but a very tough and plentiful, smothering the foliage.
USES: They are wonderful in garden beds and make great pot plants as they have a lovely tight mounding habit so will not flop over the edge of the pot too much. They look stunning as a flowering boarder plant too as they can be trimmed to shape and even hedged if required. The large flowers invite many beneficial insects to your garden so are wonderful close to a veggie patch.
CARE: Use hedge shears to prune to shape occasionally when required, or if they look tatty, this will quickly encourage a bushier plant and repeat flower. They will perform better and flower more profusely with normal garden watering and a fertilise every season with an all-purpose organic fertilizer. Protect from harsh summer sun and frost.
Bacopa Elite Violet
Elite Violet

Bacopa Elite Pink
Elite Pink

Bacopa Elite White
Elite White

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