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Gaillardia Elite Series

Elite Blazing Sun, Elite Torch, Elite Cornetto and Elite Flame.
HABIT: Compact perennials, with continuous flowers covering the bush. Height approximately 40cm high by 40cm wide.
POSITION: Full sun is best, but they will tolerate part shade and good drainage.
FLOWERING: Gaillardia Elite series will give you excellent flowering throughout the whole year. The absolute best flowering time is between October- May. The old flower will drop the petals and keep the interesting pom-pom balls. The stunning new flowers push past the old so you get a continuous flowering season with little to no maintenance.
USES: They are wonderful in pots and garden beds, plus bees love them so excellent around the veggie patch. Plant them as a low boarder plant to add vivid colour to a dull area. They will tolerate harsh conditions, so they are often used in difficult spots in the garden.
CARE: Trim them up once a year in early spring to avoid them getting leggy, they don’t mind being cut right back if required, just make sure to keep a few leaves. Over the cold months it’s best to protect from frost. If in pots make sure to keep moderate watering up to them. Average watering in the garden will allow the plants to thrive and produce the maximum number of flowers, however they will tolerate dry periods. Make sure you fertilise them each season with an organic fertiliser and they will benefit from a nice layer of mulch around them too.
Gaillardia Elite Blazing Sun
Blazing Sun
Gaillardia Elite Torch
Gaillardia Elite Cornetto
Gaillardia Elite Flame

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