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Elite Series

Verbena Elite Series

Includes Elite Salmon, Elite Cerise, Elite Venetian Red, Elite Burgundy.
HABIT: Spreading plant with profuse flowers. Verbena Elites flower across the entire plant rather than inferior varieties that only flower on the outer foliage. 
POSITION: Full sun to part shade. Well drained soil is essential for Verbenas to preform over long periods. Good air flow is beneficial too as the foliage can become soggy if it doesn’t dry out quickly. They do wonderful in hanging baskets and pots.
FLOWERING: Elite Verbena will flower all year but the best flowering period is during the warmer weather September to May. They hold their flowers for long periods on short stems and requires far less pruning to encourage new blooms.
USES: Wherever you need long term colour in the garden or in pots. Verbena Elite easily out perform any other varieties on the market and in our trials flowered for more than twice as long as any other varieties, while remaining compact and not getting "leggy". They are perfect for perennial borders and under planting of standard plants where they will stay squat and colourful. Good news Verbena Elites are bred in Australia!
CARE: Use hedge shears to prune to shape occasionally when required, probably around every 12 weeks, this will quickly encourage a bushier plant and repeat flower. Ensure this is only done in the warmer weather when the will recover quickly, fertilize after pruning. Do not prune during May to July or into old woody growth unless new shoots are present, regular light trims are preferable. They will perform better and flower more profusely with average garden watering and keep plenty of foliage on the plant for the Winter period, pruning in late Winter to encourage new Spring growth.
Verbena Elite Salmon
Elite Salmon
Verbena Elite
Elite Venetian Red
Verbena Elite Burgundy
Elite Burgundy


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