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Elite Series

Scavolea Elite Series

This series includes Elite Blue Wind, Elite White Drift and Elite Pink Breeze.
HABIT: A compact mounding groundcover with flowers that stand upright. Height 30cm high by 60-80cm wide. 
POSITION: Full sun to part shade in well-drained soil.
FLOWERING: This series is outstanding with long lasting flowers which will flower from the centre right to the edge of the plant. They produce fan shaped flowers which will appear on the plant all year but cover it from October to May. Once old flowers finish, you’ll find more new buds will push past giving you an endless supply of colour.
USES: They are wonderful in rockeries, hanging baskets, pots and as a boarder plant. It’s low soft mounding habit is perfect for under story planting to give year round colour and durability.
CARE: Prune to shape once flowering has slowed, but not too far back. Scavoleas are very drought tolerant plants once they are established but they will perform better and flower more profusely with average garden watering and a fertilize twice a year.
Scavolea Elite White Drift
Elite White Drift
Scavolea Elite Blue Wind
Elite Blue Wind
Scavolea Elite Pink Breeze
Elite Pink Breeze

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